T Skin Formula Toner

· Facial Tone Up Toner

· Whitening + Moisturization + Brightening

· Niacinamide, Glutathione, Coconut Water, Probiotics

· Size: 250 ml

T Skin Formula Toner


  • 100% original

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Village 11 Factory T Skin Formula Toner this toner tone up your skin tone, combining Whitening + Moisturization + Brightening actions. Infused with a wide range of plant-based extracts to reveal a clearer complexion. Treats the uneven tone, dull and no vitality skin to reveals a clear and radiance skin. Its a whitening functional cosmetic containing niacinamide to get a even skin tone. It also has a bright tone-up effect thanks to white jade glutathione. This toner brightens every day by the self-purification effect of lactic acid and probiotics. For last provides a great moisturization level with an amazing milky texture with coconut water and ceramide content. Excellent emulsification formula that protects skin and enhances moisturization with small oil particles that form a thin film on the skin surface to minimize hydration loss. No artificial fragante, No ethanol, No mineral oil.Village-11-T-Toner-Skin-Formula.jpgIngredient Story:

Coconut Palm Tree Water: Skin moisturization level up

Glutathione: Skin tone-up, and oxidizing

Niacinamide: Prevents melanin transfer

Probiotic Fermentation Ingredients: Contains various lactic acid bacteria fermentation ingredients such as Bifida, Lactobacillus and Lactococcus to make dull complexion clear and transparent.

Ceramide: Strengthens skin barrier, moisturization.5Skin-formula-alphabet-toner-ING.jpg- How to use: Apply it on a cotton pad and wipe in the direction of the skin texture or take and appropriate amount on your hand and absorb it into the skin.

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