Pore Control Peeling Toner

· Toner (Pore Control)

· Minimizes Pores

· Oil Control, Balances pH

· Size: 80ml

Pore Control Peeling Toner


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Mizon Pore Control Peeling Toner refines pores and balances skin’s pH to help retain moisture and protect skin. Its specialized formula removes makeup residue and calms skin after cleansing, while keeping it oil free and fresh all day. AHA, BHA compound will remove the old skin wastes and normalize the turn over process. Remove all the dead cells and stabilize circulation of the skin. It will remove all the wastes and remaining makeup. Chamomile, and green tea extracts will relax the skin and keep away from the problem. It will tighten the skin and help the next product’s absorption. Peptide, cacao extract, collagen and etc promote the firm skin. Suitable for all skin types, especially those with oily skin. Skin toner +remove skin wastes + remove pores at once!

- Benefits: Minimizes Pores, Oil Control, Removes Residues, Balances pH

- How to use: After cleansing, apply toner all over face with cotton pad.

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