No.1 king’s berry aqua drink toner

· Moist-full skin toner

· 33 vegetable active ingredients

· Whitening, Anti-wrinkle, Calming functions

· Protect skin from oxidization

· Super size: 500g

No.1 king’s berry aqua drink toner


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Mizon No.1 king’s berry aqua drink toner Contains 33 ingredients including bamboo leaf extract moisturize dry skin effectively. This functional toner for skin whitening and wrinkle care improves fine wrinkles and brightens skin tone. Contains black choke berry ingredient that protects skin from oxidation and vitalizes skin. Balances skin pH after washing and soothes skin effectively. The huge volume of 500g is reasonable and can be used as much as you want. Free of artificial coloring, artificial scent, paraben, animal ingredients, mineral oil, sulfate and silicone.

Vegetable active ingredients: Garlic extract, Asian coconut extract, Mulberry extract, Rubi fructus extract, Elder fruit extract, Black sugar extract, Cocoa extract, Charcoal powder, Terminalia Chebula fruit extract, Sepia, Coffee tree fruit extract, Seaweed extract, Polygonum Fagopyrum seed extract, Chaga Extract, Cassia seed extract, Four o'clock seed extract, Pepper extract, Fagus Sylvatica Bed extract, Rose extract, Cherrymoya fruit extract, Cinnamomum Cassia extract, Aronia fruit extract, Prunus Mume fruit extract  

- Benefits: Moisturizes, Whitens, Anti-wrinkle, Brightens, Protects from oxidization, Calms, Balances ph, Big size

- How to use: Soak a cotton pad with toner and wipe cleansed skin from the center of face outward.

*Tips! Use as mist in a mist container. Soak cotton pads and leave on dry skin for a while to use as a facial mask sheet.

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