Men'er Energetic Fresh Water

· Fresh water for Men

· Skin Relief after shaving

· Oil & Pore Control

· Size: 150ml

Men'er Energetic Fresh Water


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Mizon Men'er Energetic Fresh Water relieves the skin after shaving. Well-combined vegetable extract, Iris Florentina Root, raspberry, Portulaca, Hedera helix and lavender extract, which is called 3S Formula (Skin-Soothing-System) quickly calms down haggard and damaged skin. Skin produces excessive sebum and makes your skin look dark and oily. This will effectively care and control sebum to fix oil which tends to shine too much. Panthenol, Allantoin and hyaluronic acid supply moisture and skin elasticity as well as make rough and crisp skin texture moisturized and smooth. Provides freshness without feeling sticky. Refreshing feeling will spread as soon as applying, and delicate fragrance will make you attractive man. Male pores can be dragged easily with excessive sebum production. Once pores get widened, it is difficult to recover. This manages pores tight to make your skin elastic, and helps effective pore care not to make pores dragged. 

- Benefits: Calms, Relaxes, Oil Control, Smoothes, Refreshes, Manage pores, Non-sticky

- How to use: Apply an appropriate amount onto face after cleansing, patting lightly until absorbed.

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