Aloe 76 Soothing Toner

· Aloe Gel Toner

· 76% of aloe vera juice

· Moisturizes, Soothes & Calms

· Size MAXI: 500ml

Aloe 76 Soothing Toner


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Mizon Aloe 76 Soothing Toner contains Aloe vera juice which absorbs into skin deeply and soothes sensitive skin. Hyaluronic acid and birch tree sap deliver deep hydration into skin and leave skin smooth. Cleanses completely any dirt residue on skin and controls skin pH. Portulaca and ivy extract protect skin from outside harmful factors and keep skin moisturized and nourised. The formula is free of paraben, artificial coloring, and alcohol, which is safe for sensitive skin. 

- How to use: Soak a cotton pad with the toner and wipe face after cleasing. 

♡ Tip: Soak several cotton pads with toner and use them as a skin soothing mask.

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