Refresh 2 Step Mask Green

· Exfoliating Cleanser + Sheet Mask

· 29 green fruit & vegetables extracts

· Deeply cleans and purifies

· Softens, Hydrates, Nourishes & Balances

· Size: 3 g + 25 ml

Refresh 2 Step Mask Green


  • 100% original

  • Recíbelo en 24h

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Village 11 Factory Refresh 2 Step Mask #Green this two-step face mask combines a purifying and exfoliating cleanser to renew and detoxify skin with a mask enriched with fruit and vegetable extract to leave your skin feeling fresh, soft and without impurities.Villa 11 Refresh 2 Step Mask Green.jpgAs a first step, a cleanser with active oxygen generates micro-bubbles that deeply cleanse pores. Thanks to the natural Konjac extract, it is able to remove all waste, dead cells and excess oil from the skin and inside the pores, without over-stimulating or irritating the skin. It exfoliates and refines the skin leaving it clean and soft, preventing the appearance of blackheads and impurities.Refresh 2 Step Mask Green 2.jpgIn the second step, a mask with green fruit and vegetable extracts moisturizes and softens the skin. It has a soothing and anti-inflammatory effect that minimizes redness and calms irritated skin. Its 100% natural and biodegradable cotton base has been infused with a rich essence of green fruits and vegetables, such as green tea, broccoli, avocado, kiwi, cypress, bamboo, centella asiatica, kale and hyaluronic acid, replenishes moisture and recharges the skin with vitamins and nutrients. Refresh 2 Step Mask Green.jpg- How to use:

STEP 1: Start by applying the first step on the dry face, spread it out well and wait about 3-5 minutes for its bubbling effect to start working. Continue to rinse with warm water while gently massaging.Refresh 2 Step Mask Green 5.jpgIf you wish you can apply a toner before continuing with the second step. Apply the cotton mask following the shape of your face and leave it on for 10-20 minutes. Remove the mask and gently massage in the remaining essence. Do not rinse.July_Small-Talk_main.jpg

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