White Flower Snow Cream

· Face & Body Cream

· DOUBLE FUNCTION: Whitening & Anti-aging treatment

· Brightens, Evens tone, Reaffirms

· 10 White flowers, Niacinamide, Adenosine & Ac. Hyaluronic

· Size: 150ml

White Flower Snow Cream


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Mizon White Flower Snow Cream this face and body cream is a prodigious tone perfector. In seconds you get a more illuminated and even-toned skin. Its effects are visible in just seconds, but also with daily use you will achieve a brighter, more uniform skin tone and ultimately a much more beautiful skin.Mizon-Mela-defense-white-essence.jpgIt offers superior anti-blemish and whitening care by working on areas with spots and excessive hyperpigmentation to illuminate the complexion and restore the original tone of the skin. A complex of 10 types of white flowers and Niacinamide, they control the production of melanin and help to soften the appearance of spots caused by the sun, age, hormonal origin or scars. At the same time, Adenosine provides a powerful anti-aging effect, helping to tighten and firm the skin. Its antioxidant effect slows down premature aging of the dermis and acts against external damaging factors, keeping the skin healthy.Mizon-Mela-defense-white-essence.jpgVarious moisturizing ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid, recharge the skin with moisture and provide superior moisturizing properties while reinforcing the protective barrier. Its creamy texture absorbs into your skin immediately without a sticky feeling. An easy and fast solution to bring luminosity and improve the appearance of your skin.Mizon-Mela-defense-white-essence.jpg- How to use: Apply on clean skin, you can use it for the face and / or body. Gently massage until completely absorbed, promoting circulation and improving its penetration power.Mizon-Mela-defense-white-essence.jpg

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