Natural Seed Bal-Hyo Ampoule

· Ampoule

· Fermented primrose & lotus seeds

· Anti-aging, Firms, Antioxidant

· Size: 30ml

Natural Seed Bal-Hyo Ampoule
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Mizon Natural Seed Bal-Hyo Ampoule is an enriched essence of fermented evening primrose and lotus seeds for intensive skin firming and an intensive wrinkle care. The fermented extract of primrose, nourishes the skin and increases elasticity while lotus flower, root, and seed vitalizes skin and acts as an antioxidant. The high concentration of both of these anti-aging extracts makes this ampoule highly effective at wrinkle care.

Also, panthenol, hyaluronic acid, and glycerin form a moisture-retaining film and keep skin smooth. Cacao tree and barberry root extract prevent skin troubles and protect skin from outside harmful factors. Paraben-free formula is safe for sensitive skin.

- Benefits: Anti-aging, Firms, Increases Elasticity, Antioxidant, Regenerates, Winkle care, Protects from troubles, Mosturizes


- How to Apply: After cleansing and apply toner, apply an appropriate amount all over face and tape lighty to help absorption.

* Use with essence or cream: Mix 2 drops of the formula with cream or essence for drier skin.
* Use with mask pack: Use before applying a shit mask or a gel mask for the better effect of them.
* Use for makeup: Mix 1 drop of the formula with BB cream or foundation. It gives a smooth look while moisturizing skin.

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