Herbal Orange Blossom Ampoule

· Ampoule

· Orange blossom, Lily & Edelweiss flower

· Whitens, Firms, Revitalizes, Soothes

· Size: 30ml

Herbal Orange Blossom Ampoule


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Mizon Herbal Orange Blossom Ampoule is a highly enriched essence of orange blossom, which is very effective at creating a brighter and more radiant complexion. This enriched skin-brightening ampoule containing herb, orange blossom, lily of valley flowers, and edelweiss flower extract gives radiant and bright skin. Orange blossom invigorates the skin while restoring vitality and suppleness for a more youthful appearance. It also helps to keep skin clean and refined, preventing enlarged pores and blemishes from forming.

Arnica and gentiana soothe skin while protecthing sensitive skin from outside harmful factors. Panthenol and trehalose help skin maintain mointure and the best skin condition. Paraben-free formula is safe for sensitive skin.

- Benefits: Whitens, Firms, Revitalizes, Clears, Soothes, Protects, Moisturizes, Brightens


- How to Apply: After cleansing and apply toner, apply an appropriate amount all over face and tape lighty to help absorption.

* Use with essence or cream: Mix 2 drops of the formula with cream or essence for drier skin.
* Use with mask pack: Use before applying a shit mask or a gel mask for the better effect of them.
* Use for makeup: Mix 1 drop of the formula with BB cream or foundation. It gives a smooth look while moisturizing skin.

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