Push Out Volcanic Gommage

· Gommage Mask Type

· Volcanic ash extract from Jeju island

· Removes impurities & cleans pores

· Size: 60g 

Push Out Volcanic Gommage


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Mizon Push Out Volcanic Gommage uses Volcanic ash extract from Jeju island to absorb excessive sebum, skin wastes, and to tighten pores. Volcanic ash extract allows ultra-fine particles to reach deep inside the pores to remove impurities without damaging skin. Plus its added olive oil ingredient soothes sensitive skin after peeling and leaves it well moisturized. The gommage type formula is scrubbed with dead skin cells, leaving nose skin clean. It effectively removes any skin wastes from deep pores and keeps skin clear and clean. Let the powerful scrubbing effects of this soft cream erase your pores today!

- How to use: After cleansing, dry your face and apply to nose or where dead skin cells need to be removed. Leave for 3 minutes and then gently massage the area, rubbing the cream off. Wash any excess cream off with lukewarm water. 

*Tip: Apply steamed hot towel on skin before applying the cream. Moisturize skin after using it. Don’t scrub often. Moisturize skin after using it. 

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