Returning Starfish Eye Cream

· Eye cream

· 60% starfish extract

· Firms, Whitens & moisturizes

· Size: 25ml

Returning Starfish Eye Cream


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Mizon Returning Starfish Eye Cream containing 60% of starfish extract, mysterious power, complete eye rim of baby face solving complex problem. As eye cream of whitening, wrinkle correction dual functional, with caring fine wrinkle and sagging of eye, deadness help effective eye rim management. The shape memory polymer bound to its original shape gives feeling of tension to sagging eye rim. Peptide component give resilient tension to eye rim without elasticity. With excellent moisture effect of alginate, caviar extract and marine plants in the ocean give eye rim never get dry. White flower complex cultivate lifeless eye rim to shining bright eyes. Low stimulus formula for sensitive skin cultivates comfortably and protect skin against outside.

♡ Why Starfish? Starfish have the ability to regenerate lost arms and can regrow an entire new arm given time. The body mainly consists of water, the body components contain much calcium and protein such as collagen. Starfish extract is used for a cosmetic ingredient for skin firming effect.

Benefits: Anti-Aging, Increases Elasticity, Firms, Brightens, Smoothes, Moisturize

How to use: Using attached spatula, apply the amount of pearl size softly to be absorbed.

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