Acence Sebum Control Emulsion

· Oil-Free Emulsion

· Acne treatment

· Balances oil & alleviates blemishes

· Size: 150ml

Acence Sebum Control Emulsion


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Mizon Acence Sebum Control Emulsion effectively controls sebum production for an oil free T-zone all day. Ingredients such as Pinosylvin and Rosemarinic acid are used as a strong anti-inflammatory to reduce the size of blemishes and remove pore clogging wastes. While the patented oil-free ACNATURAL formula protects skin from acne causing factors and leaves skin feeling moisturized and softened. Oil-free prescription for oil-sensitive skin controls pores effectively which can be polluted easily. This efficiently improves glossy phenomenon caused by excessive oil secretion. Prevents your skin from drying and being sensitive. Relieves troubles caused by excessive sebum while controlling oil and moisture balance. Provides a protective film that blocks external stimuli from irritating skin.

Dermatologist tested. Factors which can cause troubles excluded. Natural and safe ingredients combined together adopting skin-favorable system

- Benefits: Oil Control, Acne Control, Moisturizes, Anti-inflammatory, Oil-Free  


- Directions: After cleansing and using toner. Apply an appropriate amount all over the face and lightly tap to help absorption.

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