Derma Clear B5 Cica Cream

· Moisturizing Repair Gel Balm

· Centella Asiatica, Panthenol y Madecassoside

· Anti-inflammatory & protective solution

· Size: 50 ml

Derma Clear B5 Cica Cream


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Village11Factory Derma Clear B5 Cica Cream this gel balm contains a restorative blend of Centella Asiatica and a CICA repair complex, which creates a protective barrier on the skin with a powerful anti-inflammatory effect, accelerating the healing process in inflamed and acne-prone skin, relieves redness, itchiness, tightness and provides complete hydration, achieving a perfect balance between moisture level and sebum production.Derma Clear B5 Cica Cream.jpgIts hypoallergenic formula soothes, calms and repairs dehydrated, weak and irritated skin. It is ideal for skins that have been irritated by exfoliation, hormonal, anti-acne, chemical peeling treatments, etc., repairing the protective barrier and strengthening the dermis. The skin recovers its balance, regaining its softness and good appearance, feeling comfortable and elastic. Its high content of centella asiatica (CICA), panthenol and madecassoside soothes the skin instantly, treating flaky skin and preventing the skin from drying out or peeling.Derma Clear B5 Cica Cream 2.jpgIt is ideal for the care of sensitive, abused or out-of-balance skin. Other natural ingredients such as curcuma, liquorice, camellia extract, houttuynia Cordata and Beta-Glucan ensure the perfect combination for healing and restoring skin health by acting on redness, dry patches and irritation.Derma Clear B5 Cica Cream 3.jpg- How to use: Apply as the last step in your facial care routine to your face or the areas to be treated as a moisturising cream by massaging gently to activate circulation, and you will instantly notice your skin regaining its protection and moisture level!

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