Moisture Cleansing Foam

· Cleansing Foam

· Hydrates, Firms & Revitalizes

· Ceramides and devil's claw

· Size: 30 ml

Moisture Cleansing Foam


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Village 11 Factory Moisture Cleansing Foam is a cleansing foam with microfine bubbles for hydrated clean and soft skin. It moisturizes, firms and revitalizes the skin! Formulated with Doctor Geek hydrating and cleansing secrets, this foaming cleanser contains a large amount of hydrating serum to leave skin clean and soft.village-11-moisturizing-foam-2.jpgRevitalizes the skin with a powerful Eco Ceramide complex with natural ceramides: It is readily absorbed into skin, softening and fortifying in from within. Its viscous foam with microfine bubbles with a nourishing formula creates mounds of viscous foam and washes off skin impurities thoroughly with microfine bubbles.village-11-moisturizing-foam.jpgWhat's the difference with others?

- Devil's claw: its secret ingredient discovered by Doctor Geek is a rare plant whose fruit has claw like tips that has superb skin benefits:
Powerful moisturizing, Anti-inflammatory & Anti-allergic, Anti-Acne, Anti-oxidant, Anti-Aging, Anti-Keratinizacion

- Eco Ceramide: This miraculous ceramics is 100% natural, made from nature-derived ingredients that are naturally fermented and converted. Has great skin benefits:
Superior moisturization, Antibacterial & Anti-Inflammatory, Skin Detoxificationvillage-11-moisturizing-foam1.jpg- How to use: Before cream application, apply an even layer around eyes with gentle strokes.

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