Amazing so clean Cleansing Water

· Cleansing water Oil free

· Cleanses all type of makeup

· 70% natural ingredients 

· Size: 310ml

Amazing so clean Cleansing Water


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Mizon Amazing so clean Cleansing Water is an Oil free cleansing water with 70% of nature originated ingredients that cleanses from base makeup to point makeup. Contains natural moisturizing ingredients to remain moisturizing feeling without dryness after cleansing. Pink flower complex creates clean and energetic skin texture. Exfoliates and creates smooth skin texture from rough one. Nature originated ingredients soothe sensitive skin by damage. 9 non additives (Non paraben, mineral oil, benzophenone, colors, silicon, animal ingredients, GMO, and artificial fragrance).

- How to use: Pour moderate amount with a cotton pad and cleanse from base makeup to point makeup clearly.

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