Relax Day Foot Peeling Mask

· Foot Peeling treatment

· Removes rough dead cells

· Feet smooth & silky soft

· AHA, BHA & Devil's Claw

· Size: 17 gr * 2 

Relax Day Foot Peeling Mask


  • 100% original

  • Recíbelo en 24h

  • Pago Seguro

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Village 11 Factory Relax Day Foot Peeling Mask this foot peeling mask removes the thickened skin on your heels, accelerates cell metabolism and removes dead skin providing silky feet in one application. Formulated with a lot of different plant extracts that provide powerful moisturizing and regenerating properties that soften your feet, while salicylic acid and alpha-antioxidants from fruits provide high exfoliation power in a natural and effective way. It works for an hour and a half, and in a few days you will see the first results. After one or two weeks your feet will be perfect and completely clean of callus, soft and silky with just one treatment.Relax Day Foot Peeling Mask 2.jpgIts combination of natural ingredients includes Doctor Geek's secret ingredient, Harpagofito or also known as Devil's Claw, a very special plant capable of surviving in arid places and with important medicinal and moisturizing properties, as well as Rosehip, Roiboos and Rosehip fruit, natural ingredients that provide a pleasant energizing effect that revitalizes tired feet and natural nutrients that repair and moisturize deeply to leave your feet repaired, soft, smooth and healthy. Urea and hyaluronic acid replenish moisture. Mint and tea tree ensure a refreshing effect and great antiseptic power. Allantoin soothes and relaxes the feet. Forget about dry, cracked, rough and dehydrated heels. This mask includes two socks that allow the active ingredients to penetrate quickly and deeply, providing a comfortable and effective solution for keeping your feet soft and beautiful.Relax Day Foot Peeling Mask.jpg

- How to use: Take both socks out of the envelope, open them and fold the upper part outwards to prevent the solution from coming into contact with the insteps and insert your feet into each sock. Leave to work for 1 hour and a half. Finish by rinsing thoroughly with water. After 5 to 7 days, callus and dead skin cells will gradually disappear. This exfoliation process can last approximately one to two weeks. A large amount of skin can come off, this is normal. You should not force the skin out during this period.

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