Relax-day AHA Exfoliating Body Lotion

· Peeling Moisturizer with 12% AHA

· Hyaluronic Acid & Collagen

· Refines, Hydrates and Softens

· Size: 300 ml

Relax-day AHA Exfoliating Body Lotion


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Village 11 Factory Relax-day AHA Exfoliating Body Lotion is a body lotion infused with 12% exfoliating AHA to gently remove dead skin cells. Enriched with moisturizing hyaluronic acid to form a moisture barrier on your skin to leave it supple.Relax-day AHA Exfoliating Body Lotion 1.Relax Day AHA Exfoliation Body Lotion contains 12% of glycolic acid, which is the AHA ingredient with the best peeling effect. The optimal condition of peeling is pH 3.0-4.0 and it creates smooth skin from dull skin by managing minute dead skin cells in addition to visible dead skin cells on the skin, elbows, knees and heels. Also, it helps with more effective nutrition absorption in the next stage after exfoliation by the soft skin.

Moisture magnet hyaluronic acid and human body-like collagen creates a firm body skin full of moisture.Relax-day AHA Exfoliating Body Lotion.jpIngredient Story:

1 STEP: Exfoliation and Skin Cleansing with Glycolic Acid and Rose Mary Leaf Extract.

2 STEP: Skin Soothing thanks to Centella Asiatica and Madecassoside

3 STEP: Moisturization and Elasticity with Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid

4 STEP: Maintains Skin Health using Scutellaria Extract and Green Tea ExtractRelax-day AHA Exfoliating Body Lotion 4.28 DAYS RENOVATION PROCESS:

1. My skin has become rough without me knowing, and old dead skin cells are visible.

2. It dead skin cell care is neglected, the normal 28-day turnover cycle grows slower and causes dull skin and reduced elasticity.

3. By using Relax Day AHA Exfoliating Body Lotion every day, you can take care of your dead skin cells by simply applying lotion after shower!

4. Maintaining a healthy 28-day normal turnover cycle will enable you to live with healthy and worry free skin for the rest of your life.

Good skin starts with keratin care! Start with daily home care!!

No 6 harmful ingredients + Plant-derived Cica ingredients

AHA body lotion can be used as a daily lotion by any gender and age due the cica ingredient with no added harmful ingredients. Free from harmful chemicals as Mineral Oil, Paraben, SLS, SLES, Artificial Fragance or ColoringRelax-day AHA Exfoliating Body Lotion 3.Recommended for people who:

Want to maintain smooth skin without separate exfoliation.
Want to change their dark elbows and dull knees to look clean
Want to softly manage chest and back acne without irritation
Want to care for their chicken skin and snake skin on the dailyRelax-day AHA Exfoliating Body Lotion 2.- How to use: Take an appropriate amount in clean body skin and apply gently. Moisture gloss that can be felt at the moment of application is absorbed quickly and provides a fresh finish.

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