Clean Sky Blue Dress Perfume

· Premium Textil Perfume

· Removes bad odors

· Freshly washed clothes fragrance

· Size: 100 ml

Clean Sky Blue Dress Perfume


  • 100% original

  • Recíbelo en 24h

  • Pago Seguro

  • Muestras de regalo

Village 11 Factory Clean Sky Blue Dress Perfume contains premium perfume level ingredients with rich and refined lingering scent will keep you elevated all day. Soft and cozy scent you feel from fabrics right after laundry. The scent of dress perfume will unfold beautiful images and color palette for you. Have a pleasant day, feeling refreshed everyday.Village-11-factory-Dress-Perfume0.jpgEnjoy a superb Sterilization & Deodorization Effect, Village 11 Factory Dress Perfume removes contaminated smell of fabric and leaves vivid lingering scent, keeping you feel refreshed. Also is adequate for allergic people, plant-fermented alcohol is used to produce hypoallergenic perfume. You can enjoy the fragrance even if you are super sensitive. Just spray it on clothes, beddings and shoes that cannot be washes everyday also usable for stuffy air in the room. Village 11 Factory Dress Perfume will surround you with pleasant scent.Village-11-factory-Dress-Perfume.jpg

Just like you just washed it! Spray it if you can’t do laundry everyday!
Gently spray it on your clothes, and Village 11 factory Dress perfume will prevent creases and static and remove smell of contamination only subtle scent will let you fell like you just washed your clothes.

Enjoy the fragrance until you go to sleep! Soft and cozy scent of bedding and curtains!
Sprayed on bedding and curtains, Village 11 Factory Dress Perfume will immediately remove unpleasant smell of petroleum and dampness provides you with fresh, cozy and clean bedding and curtains.

Immediate refreshing! Sprayable diffuser!
Stuffy air indoors, thick and smelly air in the car. You can easily change the atmosphere with Village 11 Factory Dress Perfume.Village-11-factory-Dress-Perfume3.jpgColorful notes:

Refreshing citrus and warm florals in harmony, casually wearable and lasting longer.

Top notes: Lemon, Verbena and Orange
Middle Notes: Muguet, Sweet Anise, Rose, Spearmint, Orange Flower
Base Notes: MuskVillage-11-factory-Dress-Perfume2.jpg

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